About the gallery

The Cultural Space of Moscow expanded opening of a new art gallery "Contrast-Art", located at the Central House of Artists - the most prestigious exhibition center of the capital.

Gallery presents the work of Russian masters of the Soviet period - the outstanding artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Internal content of the gallery will delight connoisseurs of art paintings, executed in the best traditions of Russian classical school of fine arts. Our authors - Active members of the Academy of Arts, Folk and Honored Artists of the USSR and the Russian Federation, Honored Artist: S.Gerasimov, A.Gritsay, V.Stozharov, A. and S.Tkachevy, Yu.Kugach, V.Sidorov, V.Tsigal, V.Rodionov, M.Abakumov, G.Chaynikov, the founders of the Vladimir school of painting: K.Britov, V.Kokurin, A.Smirnov, and well-known contemporary artists. Work with an amazing coloristic and compositional decision made ​​at the highest professional level.

Gallery will consider proposals for the acquisition of works of art of the authors, occupying a leading position in the art world.

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