Anikeev Mikhail Korneevich

years of life: 1925 —2011
Honored Artist of Russia.

(Nizovaya village, Tambov region - Balashiha, Moscow region) Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Commander of the Order of Patriotic War I class. Name of MC Anikeeva included in the "World Encyclopedia of art of all time and peoples"(Leipzig, 1988), painter, graphic artist, member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1952). He studied at the Chisinau School of Art. Graduated with honors from the Moscow State Art Institute in 1956. VI Surikov under direction of S. V. Gerasimov. Exhibitions since 1954. The Anikeev work "In the name of the revolution" and the picture of the "Young Communists in 1941." brought the artist the all-union reputation. The first solo exhibition was held in 1963 in Moscow. In the late 1950-1960's the artist made several creative trips to Kazakhstan, then he created he famous series of "Virgin lands". A number of paintings of this series was published in the same book by L. Brezhnev. The party leader believed that Anikeev works most clearly reflected the era of development of virgin lands in the USSR. Contribution to world culture: more than 10, 000 works of art: paintings, drawings, watercolors, a monumental work. More than 700 works are in galleries, museums and private collections in Russia and the world: the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia and more than 100 museums in the former Soviet Union.
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